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Cinque Terre

Krizia Restaurant is the result of 30 years of culinary experience and expertise on the part of owner-chef Graziano Cattaneo.

It strives to show the genuine, natural, creative and traditional aspects of Italian cuisine based on the experience gathered in the world’s best hotels and restaurants as well as in the realm of flavors and aromas. Krizia Restaurant presents all of this within a rustic family atmosphere, and under the continuous guidance of the owner. Graziano’s imagination can truly soar when in order to satisfy the wishes of the guests improvised menu items are created. Verifying this are the various positive reviews in the writings of among others the “Wittmann” boys, in which Krizia is considered among Budapest’s best restaurants. Guests from both Hungary and abroad gladly revisit Krizia Restaurant.

Our specialities

Exquisite wines

Attentive service

Improvised menus

Homely atmosphere

"The taste of Italy... in the heart of Budapest!"


Előétel és leves

Hors-d’oeuvres and Soup

Meat and Fish dishes

Pasta, Cheese andDesserts

Degustation Menu

DEGUSTATION MENU 9900 Ft Broiled bufalo mozzarella cheese with crispie parma ham Coffee flavoured lasagne with aspagagus Grilled sea bas filet with asparagus Day sorbet Herbed porcfilet Milefeuille with chantilly and strawberry Bosca wines offer, Piemonte brüt, Chardonnay, Barolo, Asti Spumante 6000 HUF!

Today from the market

  • Broiled bufalo mozzarella cheese in parma ham crust 2350 Ft
  • Asparagus cream soup 1200 Ft
  • Coffee flavoured lasagne with aspagagus 2600 Ft
  • Roasted monkfish with bacon in cashew and topinambur cream 5580 Ft
  • Ossobuco Milano style 4890 Ft
  • Milefeuille with chantilly and strawberry 1500 Ft

Morels mushroom

Wine List